The reason to choose a Forest product

In 1964 my father, commendator Francesco Naibo, chose to dedicate the newly established family company to my mother, calling it with her surname, extraordinarily representative for an activity which sinks its roots on the wood love: Forest.
It's this wood love that feed our passion with which we develop our activity as parquet producers, but specially as quality craftsmen, for over half a century.
We take care of customer, offering him technical assistance and aesthetic consultancy both before and after sale.
We guarantee our reliability supplying certificated products, and for bio-construction.
Each supply is provided with quality certificate which includes:
- Due Diligence certificate - controlled origin
- EC certificate and EC declaration of conformity
- Certificate 100% Made in Italy
- Data sheet
Our competence, acquired with decades of experience, is based both on the development of artisan tradition and on innovation technology that allowed us to come up with a new two layers engineered product, because it's our convinction that “Who always follows the same way will never arrive first”.

Expertise that makes the difference

Wood is a material that lives and changes in our houses.
We must assure it the right humidity and collocation; here Forest's experience and competence are very important to recommend the customer always to the best.
The whole range of parquet and walls is exclusively manufactured in our establishment Forest in Borso del Grappa – Treviso, whoever will affirm the contrary must answer to norm of law


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